Together to Support Displaced Citizens of Beirut

Baytna Baytak is a civil initiative launched by young, dynamic, and politically independent volunteers and community organizers whose initial mission was primarily to secure housing for healthcare professionals working at the forefront of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Baytna Baytak assists needy individuals and families without regard to religion, sect, gender, or nation of origin. In the wake of the tragic Beirut blast, Baytna Baytak’s expanded its mission to support immerging needs and response efforts. We are now actively working on relocating displaced citizens who have lost their homes due to the explosion. With winter weather approaching, Baytna Baytak is repairing and restoring features such as doors, windows, and shutters in the homes of low-income and marginalized residents who have no other place to go. More than 300,000 people need assistance in refurbishing their homes so they may move on with their lives.



Bank/swift/BIC code: BLOMBBX

Account name: Al Salla El Insaniya/Baytna Baytak

LB67 0014 0000 5502 3531 4932 8416

Financial Statements


Teams of volunteers are composed of individuals from various industries such as engineers, architects, designers, producers, planners and many more, collectively providing all the efforts and resources needed to implement the effective rebuilding of these homes. Different sub teams have also been formed including:

  • Construction team of engineers
  • Mapping/scouting team
  • Contractors team
  • Immediate basic aid teams
  • Relocation Teams
  • Auditing team
  • Donation call center
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Communication
  • Fundraising department
  • Photography and videography


The project aims to support and refurbish 1,000 homes that have been initially assessed as mildly to seriously damaged. Baytna Baytak will be sourcing and supplying materials ranging from wood, glass, aluminum, as well as implementing structural rehabilitation. Data is collected through pro ling and assessment exercises that have successfully mapped affected buildings. Our eld teams con rm information and ndings with occupants or owners, including their need for external support. We receive their formal approval before proceeding with any work. The bulk of our funds are distributed to support:

  • The securing and purchase of material aid
  • Contractual and contractor fees and expenses


  • Securing shelters for medical teams and Red Cross treating COVID patients
  • Securing shelter for families displaced by the blast
  • Securing all exterior and interior damages (Doors, windows & aluminum) before the start of the winter season  


Baytna Baytak has created an accessible medium and given the opportunity to those who have been displaced by the blast to directly contact our call center regarding their situation. With that being said, our work and target segments have been dispersed to those in dire need. Following the initial phone call, Baytna Baytak sends a team of specialized individuals to complete the rst inspection along with the appropriate pro ling in order to submit a request to our team of engineers. This protocol allowed us to effectively provide our services, ful ll our objectives and maintain equality amongst an already vulnerable community.


The Baytna Baytak initiative commenced following the Covid-19 pandemic, being on the ground consistently since then has allowed us to relocate more than 450 doctors to safe locations in a very limited amount of time, build a network of credible connections nationally and internationally, as well as discover and amend any obstacles hindering our growth. Due to this experience we have strengthened our logistics in order to continuously provide our services regardless of funding, and attained all equipments necessary to carry out our mission in the most bene cial way, to help as many people as possible. Some of our partnerships worth mentioning include Airbnb, Uber and Toters assisting us in transportation, housing and providing a platform to receive relief funding. Baytna Baytak also falls within the framework of “Basecamp,” a collective civic initiative for Beirut relief composed of other NGO’s, along with ourselves, accomplishing various tasks. Other primary NGO’s include Minteshreen, Muwatin Lebnene and Embrace Lebanon. All in all, the community we have built and the people we have met over the last year have proven that our strength is in numbers. 

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