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      Help us maintain a sustainable cycle that supports both elderly citizens as well as small farmers and producers who have been affected by the worst economic collapse Lebanon and the world have ever witnessed.
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    • Lebanon Needs Oxygen Urgently

      The COVID-19 situation in Lebanon is out of control! People are dying due to the lack of Oxygen. We have added this urgent cause to ask you to help us in getting oxygen machines, delivering and installing them to people in dire need of oxygen.
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      The August 4th Beirut blast demolished and displaced more than 300,000 citizens. Baytna Baytak’s emergency response was to match displaced families and individuals with donors offering living space in their houses while demolished homes were being fixed. We continue to provide safe shelter for families and individuals whose houses have sustained severe structural damage and have no alternative place to stay in.
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      Baytna Baytak aims to support and refurbish 1,000 homes that have been initially assessed as mildly to seriously damaged. We source and supply materials ranging from wood, glass, aluminum, and implement structural rehabilitation. Data is collected through profiling and assessment exercises that have successfully mapped affected buildings. Our field teams confirm information and findings with occupants or owners, including their need for external support and get their formal approval before proceeding with any work. The bulk of our funds support: - The securing and purchase of material needed and aid - Contractual and contractor fees and expenses
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